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Has anyone ever had a Tarot reading? Or does anyone do readings for others? There is an art and talent to divination, and it isn’t as mysterious as it seems.

When I started reading the Tarot, it was clunky, and with little ability to access my intuition. But, I kept at it. Slowly, I became more comfortable, and after a few years, I could give a decent reading.

But there’s more to divination than looking at cards and interpreting their symbols. I learned that yesterday when I gave a reading to a relative of a friend.

It seems that accessing intuition is like peeling back layers of an onion. The deeper I go into accessing my intuition, the more I find there are different ways to do it.

Yesterday, I decided to spend some time before reading to prepare. Very quickly I was able to tap into her emotions. I am empathic, but I didn’t realize I could feel emotions from a person in another place. Usually, I’m able to do this only if a person is in the same room with me. When I did this, I could not only feel her emotions, but also her chakras. I was also able to speak to her spirit guide after another summons. This was so helpful in my reading! I became much more accurate with my Tarot reading.

If you are looking into developing your intuition, I recommend using some simple techniques. Here’s a link to read about that.

I’ve been working on a Medium publication for the past couple of months. The pub is called The Virago, and I’ve recruited some fantastic writers. If you're interested in reading the blogs on the new site. Check it out below!

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